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So now that you understand my why, let’s talk about your why. I’m assuming you’re here because you’re fed up with not feeling well, having doctors tell you they can fix all your problems with antibiotics, yet you’re still not better. I’m assuming you’re reading about toxins and the rise of cancer or the pesticides in our food – and you’re just needing some guidance on how to rid your life of toxins.

Well that’s exactly why I’m here. That is my passion and I dedicate all my time to sharing how to rid toxins of your life with my private team and community. I utilize plant magic to do so by allowing people to see how using essential oils to DIY their products, empowers them to choose what exactly is in their cleaning products, beauty products, bath and body products and more.

Below is a link of 100 different uses of these plants. I suggest checking it out for even more inspiration!

Click this link to see how incredibly versatile these oils are ! : 100-uses-for-essential-oils

100 uses

Now that you’ve done that, if you know this is the step you want to take in detoxing you life and home, here is how to join my team and enter our world on mentoring, education, and resources.

Click here to be taken to the global page and taken to the image below

global page

Choose your language and Country Next. You’ll then be taken to a page to select what enrollment kit you want to start with. This is a way to bundle and get the most for your savings with the kits I shared earlier. This may look a little different depending on your country of origin. If you have questions, please always email me at  or send me a message onInstagram if you need further help.

select kit page

If you choose to start with an enrollment kit, then you’ll be directed to your personal information page where you’ll fill out your name, address, etc. Please skip down past the individual product selection section and see the very important process of making sure you’re added to my team. 

If you don’t want to start with an enrollment kit and instead customize which products you’d like to start with, you can do that ! Simply click on the option to start with “individual products” and you’ll be taken to the next page.

indidivudal products

You’ll then be able to start searching Doterra’s individual products and be able to add them to your shopping bag. For an example of what this looks like, please see below.

search and select

Once you add the products you’re happy with, you’ll click on shopping bag and be taken to the next step. You’ll see where your $35 membership has been added along with the products you’ve selected to start with.

shopping bag

Then you will click on “proceed to check out” and you’ll be taken to the personal information section where you’ll fill out your name, address, and you’ll make sure you add in my personal information to be attached to my team. This is KEY….please note…if you skip this step, you will NOT BE ADDED TO MY TEAM. So pay attention to this portion if you want to avoid a headache! 🙂

personal information

You’ll fill out this information and then scroll down to where you can enter my personal information. Depending on how you came to this section, you may see my face already entered. If you do see this, you don’t need to add any additional information. If you do not see this, you will need to add my number as your enroller/sponsor.

kelly carpenter sign up

This is what it will look like if my face and name do NOT appear

wellness advocate info

Next to “Find by” , select “Doterra ID” and then you’ll need to put in the number : 7566919.

my number

Hit search and you will see my name and face populate. Once you see this, you are now signing up linked to my team.

my name popped in

You will now need to select shipping and payment information and complete your order/ sign up!

shipping and payment

Please note that you should receive a confirmation email immediately upon signing up. If you get any error message or you don’t have a confirmation email within 5 minutes, your order did not go through.

Make sure to email me at to let me know you’ve sign up, so I can assure you’ve been added to my team and can get you plugged into all our resources, ebooks, team website and more! I’ll also discuss with you how you like to best communicate and we will set up a chat to discuss what steps are next with your oils. You can also always contact me on Instagram here. 

I’m SO excited for your journey and to hear how detoxing your home and life has changed the game for you!

Here are just a few testaments of people on my team and how this has been a game changer for them!