Hi! I’m Kelly. I’m so glad you’re here. I suffered from unexplained infertility for three years before we were blessed with our son Arlen. Going through this process set me on fire to research why no one could give us answered about why we couldn’t conceive.

While researching, I went down a rabbit hole of non toxic information and discovered the Environmental Working Group. I started to rid my home of toxins in my hair ,  body, and cleaning products. I changed my diet, and 3 years into infertility, we were pregnant. No hormones, no fertility treatments.

After experiencing this, I became extremely passionate about living a non toxic lifestyle. My passion has only grown since then and I now blog and share about where low waste and non toxic worlds collide, and I educate on how to use plants to support our bodies and empower others to make their own products to help support and protect their homes and families.

I’m so glad you’re here! Connect with my on Instagram here!

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