Roman Alexander : Birth story

I wasn’t sure what to expect with baby number two. My first birth was also natural and at a birth center , but with my first – it was a very long labor. 28 hours from start to finish.

I was told that this one could be much faster but was still prepared for it to be fairly long.

I also was totally unprepared to go past my due date as with my first I went 2 days early. Just goes to show how different each pregnancy and delivery can be!

When I was 40 weeks and 4 days, I decided to go have accupunture. I heard many were successful and I didn’t want to get to 42 weeks and have to birth in the hospital. I am very glad I decided to have a session because about 36 hours later, my labor started

I went in for my 41 week visit and non stress test where the midwife pointed out I was having contractions every 3 min lasting 1 minute. I hadn’t noticed because they were just Braxton Hicks which I had been having for months.

We went home and they persisted all day. So I decided to help them along with my essential oil labor massage blend every 2 hours , along with sitting on my birthing ball and doing hoola hoops and bouncing a bit.

This was from 10 am until about 4 pm. At that point I felt things were getting stronger and closer together so I called midwife and we went back and forth from 4-6 pm. It felt like it was time to consider going in as I got to the point where I couldn’t talk through the contractions and we live an hour from the birthing center.

So during the one hour car ride I had about 15-20 contractions but they were manageable with breathing techniques.

When we got to the birthing center around 7:30 pm. I got checked and was 4cm. So they said they would observe me for a little bit and see how I progressed. Well about 30 min later I was in the birthing tub – and another 45 min after that I was pushing out Roman. It escalated quickly as I went from 4-10cm in the span of an hour! It was so good we got there when we did.

That last hour or so was super intense and i remember saying ” I want him out! ” 😂😂 the midwife, nurse and my husband were so supportive and the birthing tub was amazingly helpful.

I did about 4-5 different positions for contractions and then about ten min of pushing and there he was : mermaid water birth baby. Not gonna lie I was so proud of myself for another natural birth. It was some intense pain – but so worth the experience of no drugs, no needles, etc

It all ended up happening so quickly our birth doula actually missed the birth! By the time we told her to come – we thought we had a few hours. Turns out we had about 20 min 🙈

We left the birthing center 3.5 hours after I gave birth and we were sleeping in our own beds. It was such a good experience and thankful it was much Shorter than my first.

If you’re ever considering natural birth : I highly recommend looking into birthing centers or home birth options near you. It’s a game changer!