Sorella Organics : Organic Maternity Lounge


One thing I found really difficult to find this pregnancy  was non toxic  maternity clothing. So I have been buying almost entirely second hand. But I want to bring attention to the need for more organic and fair trade maternity clothing options like Sorella Oragnics. 

This Australia based company is doing things right. The owner, Anna, has set out to make some wonderful options for men, women, and babes. Their clothing is fair trade, ethical, and organic. It doesn’t get much better than that.


This set that was #gifted to me is so incredibly comfortable. It is going to be packed in my birthing center bag for me to wear post partum on the way home. It has buttons down the front so it is nursing friendly, and did I mention it’s incredibly comfortable too? It is 100% organic and free from toxins and ethically made.

I’m so grateful for companies like Sorella who take the environment, business practices, and our health seriously. Aren’t you? Go check them out here! Or you can find them on Instagram.