Sol Organics : Sleep organically



Have you ever not wanted to get out of bed? You know the feeling. It’s the one where the only thing that could possibly make you stand up is the fire alarm going off or your toddler announcing over the baby monitor that they have to go “pee pee.” Well, this pregnant mama is definitely tired and totally has that toddler, BUT I still don’t want to get out of bed these days because it’s so darn comfortable.

It’s amazing what quality can change. We still have the same duvet and the same pillows, but now instead of cheap synthetic fibers covering them, we have high quality organic 300 count cotton. It is an ultra fine sateen weave which makes it feel almost like silk. We chose the Steel Grey color because #momof2boys

We are super minimalist around our house and this set has helped us keep that vibe and enhance our sleep. What I really love about Sol Organics is not only that their products are organic, allowing me to sleep better knowing I don’t have toxins off gassing in my bedding or getting on my skin , but also that their products are fair trade and low waste. They don’t use any plastic in their shipping which is a total win!

Plus on top of that , they give $7.50 of each sale goes to one of the four charities that they’ve partnered with. You’ve got to love a company that helps keep our families toxin free and is generous with their products. If you’ve been searching for a non toxic bedding option, definitely check them out! They’re such a wonderful company to support. Click here to check out their bedding options and more!

Arlen likes it a lot too.