The Swag : Say goodbye to food waste



Did you know that approximately one third of all food goes to waste? It is pretty staggering when you think about it. Many people don’t realize it but we throw away so many rotting fruit and veggies or left overs due to them simply just not being used in good time.

The founder of The Swag, Peita, realized this as a mother and wife who was throwing out so many rotten fruits and veggies that it was really starting to bother her. She set out to come up with a way to help the average person stop their food from going bad and therefore cut down on food waste.

After years of testing to get it right, Peita developed these natural fiber breathable bags that allow your produce to stay good longer. The outer layers help the moisture stay in that will keep your veggies staying crisp. The middle and inner layer actually work together to allow your product to both breathe and also let off water while hydrating at the same time.

Pure Magic.

They’re also non toxic and very affordable. I know once I learned about The Swag, I had to reach out to Peita to try out the products. I have not been disappointed and I know you won’t either. They come in different sizes to meet your needs. Whether you are a single person watching your waste or a family of five, The Swag has got you covered.

If you’re looking at an approachable and sustainable way to help keep from wasting your food, check out The Swag! You’ll be supporting an amazing cause and company.


** these are not affiliate links nor a paid ad. I was gifted the swag bags and just love the product!**