Swoofe – Reduce your waste with sustainable beeswax food wraps


One of the easiest swaps in our homes is food storage. The reason it is easy is because there are so many wonderful companies who are creating easy to use and affordable products like Swoofe

Ditch your Tin foil and saran wrap for this eco friendly alternative. Now instead of throwing away heaps of plastic that is bad for the environment and our health, you can use these GOTS Certified organic cotton wraps that are made with organic jojoba oil, pine tree resin, and organic beeswax.

Not only is this a reusable swap that you can continue to wash and use for food storage, but it’s free from all the nasties that exist in other plastic food storage options.

Beeswax and Jojoba oil have natural antibacterial properties that actually aid in your food lasting longer as well! That’s a total win in my book as food waste is a huge problem in the world. Anything we can do to help prevent that is always welcome.

Swoofe has so many awesome patterns and colors and I highly recommend that you go check out their site! They are sold in packs of 4 which come with 3 different sized wraps for your convenience.

Click on any of the images below to be taken to their site!

Have you tried food storage alternatives like this before?