Sustainable + Ethical Fashion : Outerknown Women

outerknown women

Recently on Instagram I shared that I had watched the documentary “The Trust Cost.” It has completely opened my eyes to the absolutely disturbing reality of fast fashion. Oftentimes when watching or learning about large issues, we can become easily overwhelmed. This can cause people to shut down completely and do nothing at all for fear that there isn’t tangible action to take.

I decided to fight that mentality by making a pledge to only buy second hand clothing or from sustainable and ethical companies for one year. I hope to continue this pledge long term , but hoped more people would join me in the pledge for at least one year. Many of you have said you will and some have started this already! We vote with our dollar and it isn’t enough JUST to avoid fast fashion. We also need to help bolster the companies who are doing the right¬† thing by upholding ethical standards.

Outerknown Women’s is doing just that. The company started out as a men’s clothing brand and now carries women’s. All of their clothing has a very cool and comfortable California vibe that I absolutely love. They are amazingly transparent with their practices and have their code of conduct on their website. You can read where all their factories are located, how many employees they have, and the standards they make sure are being kept with all their manufacturers. This is practically unheard of these days.

The two pieces I am wearing in this photo are both made from 100% organic cotton. This means it isn’t covered in pesticides and actually took 90 percent less water to make due to it being made of organic cotton. That’s amazing right?

Aside from being beautiful, the clothing is well made, comfortable, non toxic, and supporting workers all over the world in safe and well paid positions. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

If you’re interested in purchasing from Outerknown, don’t forget to use the generous discount they have given me to share! Use KAC25 on any full priced items to receive 25% off your purchase!

Have you ever thought about shopping sustainably? Leave me any questions about this company in the comment section, or come join the conversation on my most recent post on instagram.