The True Cost : One Year No Shop Initiative


Today over on Instagram I shared a new initiative I am going to do. I am asking others to join me. After watching The True Cost, a documentary available on Netflix, I was astounded at the information I was unaware of when it comes to the fast fashion industry.

Here are just a few things to think about :

  • Average American produces 82 lbs of clothing waste per year
  • Only 11 percent of donated clothing actually lands in stores for people to purchase
  • 11 trillion tons of clothing waste happens in AMERICA ALONE
  • Over 250,000 cotton farmers have committed suicide due to their working conditions, pressures, consumption of pesticides, etc.


I could go on and on. It gets worse if you can believe it. Point being – go watch the documentary to get educated. Come back here and pledge to stop buying from major retailers. Buy second hand , host clothing swaps, or purchase from sustainable and ethical brands. I will be compiling a list of companies you can purchase new from. We really need so little clothing. Think about a capsule wardrobe to cut down on overall consumption.

We DO have the power to change the world. It’s so very necessary that we vote with our dollar. Questions? Shoot them below or come over to IG to share.