I wrote a book!

Living Free

Last year I had a strong desire to take all the of tools and knowledge I had learned over the past several years and compile it into an e-book. My husband and I got married when we were 24 years old. I brought almost $60,000 worth of student loans into our marriage. We weren’t making much money and wanted to get free from my student loans.

This book is the story of how we paid off over $60,000 in student loans in just a few short years while making less than $60,000 a year. I wanted to get these tools into the hands of a generation that is crippled by debt. I have so many friends in a similar circumstance and want you to be free from that weight to live how you want to.

When I was looking for resources to inspire and teach me how to pay off debt, what I found were long books that took a lot of time for me to read. (I did but it would have been nice to not have to) or expensive courses that I couldn’t afford because, well, I was in debt!

So I wanted to remove those barriers of time and money. That’s why my book is dedicated to cutting out the fluff and getting straight to the HOW behind pay off your debt. Think of it as a get out of debt manual. I wanted it to be affordable and not put you into further debt, so I made it into an e-book which you can download for only $4.99.

The last thing I found missing from other “debt pay off ” books out there was transparency. I wanted to know what these people were making and what all their bills were. How could I ever compare my circumstances if I didn’t know this? It always bothered me. So in my book I show you exactly how much money we were taking home and what all of our bills were.

I hope that you enjoy it and would love to ask that if you purchase it, please leave me a review! It will help get my book seen by others. If you know someone you think could be helped or encouraged by my e-book please pass it along. Thank you all!

Here is the link to purchase on kindle : My  Book on Amazon