DIY Non Toxic Dish Soap

how to diy non toxic dish soap

On Today’s Instagram Post, I shared about how I make my own dish soap. This has been a wonderful time saver and a great way to make sure that what I am using in my house is safe for my family.

I first learned about Castille Soap when I started to look for different ways to make my own cleaning products. It has been around for hundreds of years and was originally Olive Oil based. These days it can be found using all sorts of various vegetable based oils including hemp, coconut oil, or olive oil.

There are many different types available and I currently am using Dr. Bronner’s. It is readily available in stores such as Target or Whole Foods. I asked if people knew of a Palm Oil free option on my IG post and I got lots of great suggestions. Some that even come in Glass bottles , so I will be trying some other low waste options as I run out of mine currently.

To make your own dish soap you simply dilute your castille soap base with distilled water. I use 2-3 tablespoons in my Mason Jar Dish Soap Pump. It depends on how large your container is, but most bottles will tell you how much to dilute them.

You can also add some essential oils such as tea tree or lemon for an added punch and to kill additional germs. They are very effective.

Do you use Castille Soap? Have you ever thought to try? come tell me below in a comment or hop on over to Instagram to let me know!