Quick Pickling Recipes

Spring Style Inspiration

I mentioned over on instagram that I recently tried pickling. It was very fun and I plan to continue. It really all began with me LOVING pickled red onion dishes from restaurants like Cava or Tandur here in Charlotte. I wanted to duplicate the recipe so I headed over to Pinterest to see what I could find. There are SOO many recipes out there. They’re all basically the same but with various spices added in.

Here are two that I used for pickling Red Onions and Okra.

For my Red Onions, I took a recipe from Cookie + Kate. If you don’t already follow, you should! So many recipes for vegetarians and vegans.

Here is the link to her recipe!

For the Okra, I found a recipe that had two options for making the okra either sweet or more tangy/spicy. I really enjoyed testing these out!

Here is the link to the okra recipe.

I hope you enjoy these! What other veggies have you pickled? I’d love to hear you ideas. Leave them in a comment below or hop on over to Instagram and let me know!