5 Easy Zero Waste Snack Ideas

5 Easy

I’ve been asked a lot to share different zero waste snacks that our family enjoys, so I thought I would go ahead and talk about the topic in general as well! It is earth day after all, so it is only fitting.

I think a common misconception is that snacking zero waste is difficult. It only is if you’re used to having individual serving sized packaged snacks such as granola bars, yogurt cups, and the like. When you shift to a whole foods diet, snacking becomes quite common sense.

So below are five snacks that we eat regularly that I am able to buy without packaging or in bulk.

1.) Fruit : Might seem like a silly answer but we eat a lot of it. Oranges, berries, peaches, apples, bananas, you name it! It’s a wonderful and easy snack. You can compost the peels or use them in DIYs like my Vinegar DIY recipe.

2.) Popcorn: You can almost always find popcorn kernels in bulk sections. They are affordable and so easy to pop your own at home on the stove! We can choose what goes into our corn this way! I love using olive oil to pop ours.

3.) Granola or trail mix : When you head to a bulk section it is full of raisins, dried fruits, nuts, and granola. Just grab a little of each and separate it into jars when you get home for easy on the go snacks. You can also just make a giant jar of it to throw in yogurt or eat as a cereal if you like!

4.) Veggies : Another no brainer here but carrot sticks, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, etc. All awesome. You can make your own hummus to eat with them as well!

5.) Granola Bars : Make your own! I do this all the time and am able to get all these ingredients in bulk or in glass containers to resuse later. win, win! You can throw whatever nuts or fruits you like into them as well. I use this recipe from minimalist baker and it’s SO easy.


What are your favorite low waste snacks? Comment below or come join the party over on instagram! I love interacting with you all there.