Rot : the importance of composting

This past week on Instagram I’ve been focusing on the 5 R’s of low waste living. I started with refuse , reduce , reuse , and recycle. Rot is something I find most people don’t know much about. Understandably , in the US it is fairly uncommon to compost as an individual.

Did you know that when our food ends up in land fills it doesn’t decompose properly because it’s mixed in with plastic + other waste? Many assume it breaks down like it would in a compost but this isn’t true.

In fact, it’s worse. Green Houae gases are created due to food not being able to break down properly. We are actually creating a problem when we throw our food in the trash.

To make it even more depressing, let’s talk about food waste. Did you know 1/3 of all groceries end up in the trash? That’s SO much money just thrown away. Perfectly good food that could have fed people who are hungry else where. We need to plan better, shop better, take care of our food better, and if all else fails , we need to learn how to rot.

There are many ways to compost at home. You can purchase a system, or more easily you can check out local options. Some have compost through their city, Some can pay for a local compost services, and also look to drop off the food scraps at places such as farmers markets and local gardening clubs.

Is composting something you’ve ever thought about? Do you already compost? Come over to Instagram and tell me or leave a comment below!