Everything you don’t know about recycling…


I’ve been taking some courses from Permacrafters creators Christelle and Cristina and have been so inspired by them! It’s scary how much we don’t know about recycling. Our cities are not educating people, it isn’t promoted in our schools, and I haven’t spoken to anyone here in Charlotte who knows what CAN and CANNOT be recycled in our own city.

The ramifications of this is that people are either not recycling, or recycling poorly leading to more and more sent to our landfills. It is a bit of a beast to chase down the information you need as well. It almost made me feel like I need to go take a tour of our recycling facilities!

Did you know that only around 9% of plastics get recycled in the US? And only around 34% of all recycling gets recycled? That’s horrifying! SO much is still ending up in landfills that originally was intended to be recycled. Some of this is due to the fact that people don’t clean their recyclables well before putting them into the bin, and some is due to people sending items that they thought were able to be recycled that aren’t at the local level.

Either way, we have GOT to do better here in the U.S. We even export 1/3 of our recycling because we don’t handle all that we currently have. Which is why the first 3 R’s of the low waste lifestyle need to come FIRST in the process so that we aren’t sending so much to the recycling facilities in the first place.

If you missed my other posts on Refusing, Reducing, and Reusing, go check them out! These are important steps we need to take! Do you know what can be recycled in your city? Come leave a comment here or talk about it on my post on Instagram! I would love to chat with you.