The Art of Refusing + Zero Waste

Brewing Beer for Beginners

This week I am writing about the 5 R’s of low waste living. The first step is Refusing. This can be hard for many people but is a critical piece into lowering our waste in the first place. I talked about this over on Instagram as well. The responses I got were awesome.

Really it comes down to practicing. The more we practice refusing , the more natural it becomes and therefore we cut down on the stigma behind it all. Many are concerned about what others will think, but I have found if you simply say “no thank you,” with a smile, it is hardly ever met with much gruff.

If someone is confused, it opens up a great opportunity to explain your why! Take this chance to tell others you’re trying to cut down on your waste of unnecessary consumption or single use plastics. You would be surprised at how this opens a wonderful door to share the knowledge you’ve accumulated.

Some practical examples are ….

  • Asking your waiter ahead of time to not put a straw in your drink
  • Bringing your own reusables and setting them out on the table so that the waiter knows you don’t need a paper napkin or a straw.
  • Refuse swag bags or unnecessary items like pens and magnets from companies when they’re being passed out at events.

The more we vote with what we say no to, the more companies will take note and possibly stop making needless items to pass around. We not only vote with our dollar, but we also vote with every item we choose to say “no” to. So, test out refusing this week and see how it goes! I would love to hear about it in the comments or over on Instagram! Come tell me about it.