How to Reduce Waste + DIY Low waste Easter Basket

How to Make

This week I am discussing the 5 R’s of Zero waste both here and over on Instagram. Today I posted my Low waste Easter Basket and talked about how to reduce our waste.

Reducing our consumption is so important to living a low waste life style. It makes all the difference. Some ways that we can easily do this is by thinking about what + where we buy. Can an item be thrifted second hand instead of buying new? Can we make what we need instead and avoid unnecessary consumption of new products? Can we walk to the store instead of driving? You get the idea. If you missed the first R of Zero waste, hit it up here. It’s important to apply them to our lives in order.

Holidays are usually filled with a massive amount of waste. We consume so much around holidays, especially here in the States, that I felt it would be helpful if I gave some inspiration on how to still take part in holiday traditions without adding to the landfill while we are at it.

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This is my low waste Easter Basket! I reused some items from our house

Basket : It’s from our bathroom. Just go re purpose one for the day. Or if you need one, think about thrifting a basket

Filling for the basket? I used a kitchen towel. You could also use paper sitting in your recycling bin and shred it up

Eggs? Skip the plastic and opt for cardboard like me or even wooden ones. You can reuse for toys later or many Easters to come!

Candy? Skip the individually wrapped pieces and go to the bulk candy section of your store and fill up on your kiddos favorites.

Toys? Think about thrifting one from a store or if you buy new , but sustainably. I supported local and bought at a shop here in Charlotte. The brand is Green Toys and they make all their toys from recycled plastic

It’s as easy as that! Let’s reduce our consumption this Easter and for many holidays or occasions to come. Same goes for birthday parties too! Is this something you would like to try? Come tell me in the comments below or over on Instagram!