Where’s your faith?

I was reading a devotional regarding the story in Luke 8 where Jesus calms the storm. The disciples are heading across a lake and a sudden storm appears. Jesus was sleeping – they all run to wake him saying they are going to perish. Jesus immediately rebukes the storm and calms the water – and asks them where is their faith?

The disciples then ask themselves – who is this we are in this boat with? They hasn’t realized the Jesus was the son of God, the Messiah. Not fully. Did they really not understand at this point that he was the Messiah – fully god and fully man? Really?

It’s easy to have these thoughts when reading this story – but HOW often do we have little or no faith when storms arise in our lives ? The littlest things can get us reeling going “we are going to perish! there is no way I can survive this! Jesus – don’t you see what’s happening to me?! “

And I have to believe he’s looking down on us saying “where is your faith ? “ He has commanded us to not worry. To stay in these 24 hours because it has enough worry of its own. He has proven to us time and time again that he’s GOT THIS. He’s got you. Me. So where is our faith?

How can we expect to grow.m – for God to entrust us with more- if we keep repeating the same cycle of not trusting in him. To be blunt : It’s basic Christianity. Do we believe our King or not? I urge us all to seriously sit down and consider – do we believe him? Do we trust him with our illness, our broken marriage, our infertility , our singleness, job situation , or our finances ?

If you find yourself saying – I don’t know. I don’t think so, or no. I plead with you to surrender them all to the Lord in this moment, repent , and walk in the all surpassing peace that he grants us in falling on our faces and declaring him Lord over our lives and circumstances. Let’s live in the freedom he died for and not waste another moment not trusting the one who laid it all on the cross for us.