Podcasts worth listening to

So, when you’re a new mama, you’re going to spend a lot of time awake at odd hours. You will need things to keep you awake as you feed your baby and soothe them back to sleep. I enjoyed listening to podcasts or watching Netflix on my phone.

Today, I want to talk about Podcasts and tell you about some new ones I’ve been listening to! I love to learn and gain new perspectives, hear interviews, listen to stories, etc. So I hope this eclectic mix is helpful to you. Even if you just learn about one new podcast, then I consider that a WIN.

Here’s my Top Five New Picks. What are yours? Would love to see yours in the comments.

— Kelly

1.) Tim Ferris Show

I have been reading Tim Ferris’ books and listening to his podcast for a couple of years now. If you are unfamiliar with him, you should definitely check him out! His podcast is filled with the most fascinating interviews. He interviews people who are considered Masters in their particular field/ skill. Everyone from Tony Robbins to Scientists you’ve probably never heard of. If you love learning about people, you most certainly want to check it out!

2.) Sure, Babe Podcast

I first learned about Chrissy J Powers on instagram. I enjoyed following her and watching her IG stories. Recently, she started a new venture with the creation of her Podcast titled “Sure, Babe.” Chrissy focuses on interviewing other women about things like motherhood and starting their careers. If you like a good interview style podcast centered about women, this one is for you. She just started , so she only has about 5 so far — but she seems to be steadily adding interviews. Check her out.

3.) Entreleadership

This podcast is what it sounds like. It’s all about leadership and business. There are many interviews of Entrepreneurs and business leaders. The podcast has been around for a while, so there is a TON of content. If you’re interested in starting your own career or just want some daily leadership inspiration, you won’t be disappointed.

4.) Kidsbiblestories

This one goes out to all the mamas with small kiddos! If you’re running errands or just need some quiet time and would like the kids off of their numerous screens, then definitely give this podcast a listen! The creator of this podcast has taken Bible stories and brought them to life for your kids. There are always lessons in each podcast and most are 7-12 minutes. You’ll have your kids asking over and over again to listen! She has a great and easy voice to listen to and wonderful sound effects. All the kids I know who listen to it are hooked. Check it out!

5.) Manversations

As a woman, this is like being a fly on the wall to a man’s cigar lounge or locker room. 🙂 A good listen around masculinity, manhood, etc. They talk about everything from gun control, politics, to poetry and how those topics may link to manhood. If you want a good laugh or maybe want a suggestion of a podcast for your hubby to listen to , check it out. This podcast does have its adult content though ( i.e some language / topics ) so listen to it when the kiddos are NOT around! 🙂 It features 3 men with different careers / backgrounds/ specialties. You’ve got a lawyer, an author, and a Nurse/Fitness Coach. All the men are married and two are raising little ones. Add it to your list.